SDS Carbide-tipp.hammer drill bit


10x450 12x450 20x450 25x450 4x110 14x450 5x160mm 5,5x160mm 6x110mm 6x210mm 6,5x110mm 7x110mm 7x210mm 8x110mm 9x210mm 10x110mm 10x260mm 12x160mm 16x310mm


  • Highest drill speed thanks to reduction in friction and improved impact transmission thanks to the special cutting geometry on the chisel-shaped drill head.
  • Stable and durable centering point for high-precision spot-drilling
  • Power breakers cause micro tears in the material for a noticeable quicker drill progress
  • The probability of snagging on concrete reinforcements is significantly reduced thanks to enlarged armouring phases.
  • The 2-spiral helix with its large geometry with reincorced core ensures quick delivery of bore dust and maximum breakage resistance
  • For use in concrete, masonry, natural stone, granite