Tile core bit "Dry"


6 mm 10 mm 12 mm 25 mm 35 mm 50 mm 75 mm


  • M14 Thread for use on angle grinders
  • Vacuum hard soldered diamonds for a long service life and quick drilling progress
  • Aperture in the shank for easy removal of the drilled core
  • Developed for dry application, no extra cooling required. We recommend to briefly cool the tip with water in case of drilling in quick succession!
  • We recommend using the thickness of the tile / fine earthenware / granite board as useful length. As a rule, max. 2 cm granite boards / work boards up to 5 cm can be drilled. Retract the drill bit often from the drilled hole so that it can cool down!
  • Important: Do not drill into the subsurface in case of laid material!