Veligaa Hardware

Why go Elsewhere?

When you sum up the range of products and services available, the slogan sums it all. You can find everything, you would expect from a hardware store in one place. Materials and tools required for small repairs at your home to supply chain solutions for major construction and infrastructure projects. This philosophy in expanding to the width and breadth of the market helps achieve exponential growth in a few years, and this will keep us going ahead in future, perfecting our solution everyday. A hardware store that serves everyone, all works of life. Once you are here, there is no need to go elsewhere.


Like every successful business, the story of Veligaa Hardware is also very much the story of the founder. Focus on serving a wide variety of customers, while understanding their differences. Continuously innovating the service offering and the product range to the changes of the time. It is a culture built on such fundamental values, principles we adhere to in all aspects of our business from the day we started.

The growth in customer numbers, size of operation and offerings has grown exponentially over the years. An unknown brand has now expanded to every major trading area in the capital and is set to grow even further by the end of the year. In addition to the services, we are currently serving leading businesses in all the major economic sectors, most notably tourism and construction.

Today there are 5 outlets in the capital serving different market segments at each location with over 150 employees round the clock. And more outlets are on the way at different locations.

Key facts

Established: 2008
Industry: Distribution
Market: Hardware
Key product lines: Electricals, PVC, Appliances, Construction Materials, Sanitary, Paint, Machinery & General Hardware
Key Market Segments: Households, Construction Industry, Tourism Industry, Marine Transport
Number of outlets: 7
Number of employees: 220


An organisation built on strong foundations of partnership, knowledge and innovation. An organisation that strives to be the best, and keep exploring for the best alternative. An organisation where people play the central role in transforming the lives of everyone around, with a long term view on growth, and people.


Our mission is to provide you a one stop solution for all your hardware requirements based on careful research, quality, experience, affordability and service excellence.


Core Values

Partnership: We give a special emphasis to maintain a strong and healthy relationships with our partners and stakeholders. We believe a good relationship would create synergy and bring success to us as well as our business partners. Our employees remain amongst our most valued partners. The same goes for our customers, and suppliers. It is the belief in growing together.

Innovation: The philosophy of ‘Continuous Improvement’ and innovation is seen across the organisations from most routine to strategic long term changes. For a business operating in a competitive environment in a fast changing world, the only way to keep ahead of the competition is to keep improving and changing for the better. Always exploring for new solutions. From our services, products and business model.

Knowledge: Knowledge brought us this far, and its what will take us to the next level. There is a difference in knowing what we do, and knowing it well. More than tangible assets, knowledge is what will keep us improving and changing, and it is the guiding light to our future, to the next generation and the generations to come.



Staying true to its core philosophy ‘Why go elsewhere’, Veligaa Hardware carries one of the most extensive product portfolio in the market. Products range from appliances to industrial equipments sourced across the globe directly from producers and major regional distributors. In partnership with major international brands in the market, Veligaa Hardware will continue to expand the portfolio of products available in its outlets. New range of products and brands are planned to be launched in the near future in a span of 2 years.



Material Delivery service is one of the core capabilities of Veligaa Hardware. We believe on time delivery of the materials is key to major customers, anywhere in Male. This is one of the areas Veligaa Hardware beats more well known brands in the business, and a reason Veligaa Hardware maintains the loyalty of major business customers and building and construction industry. From 8 am you will Veligaa delivery teams on bicycles, motor bikes, and pickups on the streets making sure supplies are delivered on time to the locations required. With further investment on streamlining, vehicles and equipments the delivery operation is set to expand as a major function of the business which acts as a key differentiator in the market.

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Procurement and supply chain management for institutional buyers will be a new solution to the local market. It is an outsourcing solution to the major buyers helping them to organise client’s supply chain management in key areas of hardware, construction and renovation. By partnering with a major hardware chain, the integration will provide more synergy, cost saving and efficiency gains in their supply chain management in the long run. Hardware chains have the capacity to cater urgent needs, and with a greater understanding of the pattern of demand, quality requirements and other customised needs the supplier will be better equipped with the information necessary to provide a solution the customer needs. It is a win win solution for both the client and supplier.

Project Management (Construction)

The growth of construction industry is a major driving force to the growth of hardware chains. If it persists with major investments in public and private sector, project management from a supply chain management perspective could be a lucrative solution for major construction firms, leaving them to focus on their core activities. Supply chain management in construction projects are often complicated and time consuming. Indirectly hardware chains has been doing that for years, sometimes managing the whole project from beginning to completion. Therefore doing that in an official capacity, the construction companies stand to benefit from the international logistics operations and manufacturing partnerships of hardware chains.