EASTAR BATTERY 12V 100AH [N100]  is a lead-acid battery for automobile.

  • Nominal Voltage 12
  • Nominal Capacity 20 hour rate 100AH
  • Nominal Capacity  5hour rate 80AH
  • Reserve Capacity (min) 182min
  • CCA (-18C) 512A
  • Dimension L405xW172xH205 mm
  • Hydrometer: Exclusive in-built hydrometer indicates the state of charging.
  • Alloy Grids:

1.The Strengthened grids' mechanical structure provides much more powerful resistance against grid corrosion than others.

2. Stable performance in different temperature working environment.

3.Minimizing waters loss

4.Extended battery’s life,

  • Container

1.Durable and strong material with well design constructers, it has good ventilation function and good anti-explosive character.

2.Provide greater vibration resistance.

  • Separator

1. PP/PE/ABS separator is provided for your choice, and reduces batteries resistance and corrosion inside for their own character.

2.Apart from that, by using PP separator is commonly used, PE is for Maintenance Free,

  • ABS is less flexible than PP and PE
  • More flexible more durable.