Hydrodynamic painting unit with a power of 650W and a pressure of 207 Bar. It has the function of regulating the spray stream in the range of 250-310mm. The aggregate is equipped  with a 7.5 meter long hose, thanks to which the tool has a large working range, which significantly improves the comfort of work. The device has a pump collecting paint from any dispenser. Designed for painting large surfaces of walls and ceilings. Adapted to latex and acrylic paints, emulsions, enamels, etc.

  • quick, efficient and even coverage from the very first layer
  • 10-15% less paint consumption compared to compressed air technologies
  • regulation of the spray stream in the range of 250-310 mm by means of a knob
  • equipped with a pump that takes paint from any container by itself
  • the possibility of spraying vertically and horizontally
  • long-lasting effect - the aggregate firmly sticks paint particles into the wall structure, without causing the finish plaster typical for synthetic rollers
  • easy operation and maintenance
  • in the set: paint gun and 7.5 m hose for connection